Increasing concerns about the unknown impact of 5G technology have continued amongst those against the new mobile network. A local resident has launched a petition demanding Brighton & Hove City Council to carry out independent research proving that 5G technology is safe.

The petition follows the announcement of new communication mast plans for Brighton & Hove in early July. The installation of these masts are a part of the city’s aim to accommodate a 5G mobile internet upgrade. The new mobile network promises to be up to 100 times faster than 4G technology.

Local resident Irina Blosse started the online petition demanding Brighton & Hove City Council to consider the impact 5G technology may have on residents’ health, as well as wildlife. The petition will be presented in full during the Council meeting on the 24th October 2019.

The petition calls for the City Council to invoke the Precautionary Principal adopted by the EU in 2005. The Precautionary Principal states that “when human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm.”

Blosse’s petition reads as follows:

We (the residents) now call for independent research and for the City Council to prove to its constituents that 5G is SAFE and poses NO risk to human health, animals, wildlife, insects, birds and the ecosystem as a whole. Once 5G is deployed fully, it will expose people 24/7 to mandatory radiation without their informed consent, which constitutes a blatant breach of their Human Rights.  

Despite the NHS claiming that there are no adverse side affects from mobile phone technology, a local campaigner has claimed that “this research is 20 years old and doesn’t take into account 5G.”

In the petition, Blosse raises the fact that no known telecoms industry studies or research have been carried out examining the potentially dangerous effects of the Radio Frequency-Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) caused by 5G technology.

Blosse claims that more than 230 scientists from 41 countries have expressed their “serious concerns” regarding the increasing exposure to EMF generated by wireless devices. Concerns include increasing cancer risks and neurological disorders.

Take a look at Brighton Journal’s extended take on the 5G health risk debate here. The petition has received 185 signatures to date, and will end on the 17th September. 

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