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A quick update on the Smart Cities Live Stream broadcast on the 23rd April 2023.

We’ve just updated the AV website and now have full information on the presentations being delivered. Each ticket gives access to the live stream plus access to the presentation recordings until the end of May 2023. Watch live and watch again all for a bargain price.

This should be a very interesting and informative event coming to you on the day the UK government tests the “emergency alert” system. Also known as the program the sheep system.

For tickets and info visit

Pippa King – 9.30am UK Time
Biometric Tracking with a Focus on the Young

John Kitson – 11.30am UK Time
5G Digital Concentration Camps: How Do We Protect Ourselves and Fight Back?

Mark Anderson – 1.30pm UK Time
Global Cities: From Local Globalism to “Smart” Servitude

David DuByne – 3.30pm UK Time
Food Shortage Human Zoos Disguised as Safe Zones from Earth Changes

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