The Chinese telecoms giant which may supply technology for the UK’s new 5G mobile network has received funding from Beijing’s intelligence and security agencies, the CIA reportedly warned British spy bosses.

Huawei received money from China’s National Security Commission, the People’s Liberation Army and a branch of the country’s state intelligence network, The Times reported.

The US is said to have warned fellow members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance – the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada – earlier this year.

The accusations come amid growing concerns that allowing Huawei to provide new telecoms infrastructure could provide China a backdoor for eavesdropping on sensitive phone calls and emails, gaining access to counter-terrorist operations and spying on politicians and business leaders.

In December, defence secretary Gavin Williamson said he had “very deep concerns” about the company – which was founded by a former officer in the People’s Liberation Army – being involved in the upgrade to 5G.

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