Using the Coronavirus crisis as pretext, Google today announced it will censor discussions of 4G/5G health effects. Google joins the mainstream and social media drive to shutter the 5G movement. Google says it means to stifle a “conspiracy theory“ linking 5G to the pandemic.

Big Data/Big Telecom are using this rumor to muzzle debate about the abundantly documented health harms from wireless. The NYTimes & CNN say all health complaints against wireless are baseless. MSM news reports consistently target me and Children’s Health Defense even though CHD has rejected the 5G causing the coronavirus hypothesis as unsupported by peer-reviewed science.

Conversely, over 4,000 peer-reviewed reports describe myriad injuries from wireless exposures. A 2018 Federal (NTP) study blames wireless for cancer and DNA damage. The International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) links Wireless to brain tumors. The Data/Telecom Robber Baron’s are apoplectic that CHD’s lawsuit against FCC threatens the wireless future, and at our campaign to stop 5G’s quarantine deployment.

Google says new algorithms will use search terms to ban coronavirus “conspiracy theories” and “misleading health claims” about 5G
The search giant will ban advertising, monetization, search terms and keywords that relate to “misleading health claims” surrounding 5G and coronavirus results. Facebook and YouTube are joining the efforts.

  • Google stands at the center of the 5G roll-out.
  • Telecom giant AT&T owns CNN.
  • Telecom billionaire Carlos Slim owns the NYTimes.

The Irish Press Counsel recently rebuked the Times for its false and misleading reports on 5G safety in violation of Ireland’s Truth and Accuracy Standards.

To justify its censorship, Google claims that the International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has found “absolutely no risk to public health.” Google nowhere mentions that ICNIRP is a Telecom industry front group. An Italian appellate court recently ruled that cell phones caused the brain tumor in a telecom employee. The court found that studies conducted by ICNIRP members are biased because ICNIRP is “funded by the Telecom industry.”

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