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Important Notice

Please invite friends. We cannot stop this crime without you and them and we are saving lives. This is the biggest crime against humanity since time began so don’t be afraid to stick your neck out. We have a population of 66 Million and this affects everyone of us negatively including wild life and all living things.

Please join the main UK Stop 5G Facebook Group.  
Please join the Facebook Group ‘SMART METERS Health Problems UK’. Smart Meters need banning too. If you have a Smart Meter, we have Template Letters in Resources section to help you get it removed. Most people are successful.
Please join ‘STOP 5G UK’ on MEWE in case both this site and facebook get shut down.

Forum Rules

You may not use the discussion forum unless you read, understand and agree to the forum rules and terms and conditions of use.

Throughout this document "5G Awareness" refers to the website and the discussion forum located on that website.


By using 5G Awareness you acknowledge that you agree to the following rules:

1. You are prohibited from transmitting through 5G Awareness any unlawful or harassing or abusive materials and you will refrain from distribution or use of any threatening, obscene or vulgar material of any kind. This includes (but is not limited to) posting - or posting links to - pornography or 'warez'.
2. Remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forums at all times. Do not make personally directed attacks on any other user (for example, it is acceptable to accuse someone of making a "moronic proposition" but it is not acceptable to accuse someone of being a "moron").
3. You are prohibited from transmitting through 5G Awareness any hateful or racially, sexually or ethnically objectionable material. As a guide: You should not attack groups or individuals on the basis of prejudices or stereotypes but only on the basis of their demonstrated actions or beliefs.
4. You are prohibited from transmitting material that may infringe on any intellectual property rights, copyright or trademark or any other rights of any third party.
5. Type properly. Do not tYpE lIkE tHiS or L1K3 7h15. Do not type whole messages or topic titles in ALL CAPS. Do not use improper abbreviations such as "ur" (you're) or "y" (why). Do not type entire posts without the use of grammar. Do not type entire posts in bold, colour or similarly formatted text.
6. Do not post the same thing repeatedly (Spamming). Even (in fact especially) if it has been deleted by a moderator for whatever reason. This includes posting the same thing in multiple forums (cross-posting).
7. Never re-post something a moderator has deleted (in any forum).
8. Do not register user-names that are deliberately offensive - this includes (but is not restricted to) swear words and anything that breaks the 5G Awareness rules or terms and conditions of use.
9. You are prohibited from using 5G Awareness to distribute junk mail or 'spam'. Or to collect information on users, including their email addresses without their agreement.
10. You are prohibited from using 5G Awareness to advertise commercial products, websites or other discussion forums.
11. You are prohibited from using 5G Awareness for the conduct of business and from making any potential revenue dependent on any part of 5G Awareness.
12. Personal signature images may not be larger than 100 pixels in height and 400 pixels in width. Only a single image may be included in your personal signature and images may not be animated. Personal signatures may not contain URLs or hyperlinks to websites outside 5G Awareness.
13. Personal avatar images may only be 100 × 100 pixels exactly. Images may not be animated and may not contain text.
14. Double logins (multiple accounts) are prohibited. To ensure enforceability of this rule, using anonymous proxies to access 5G Awareness and post on the forum is prohibited.
Failure to comply with any of the forum rules may result in your posts being deleted and/or your account being temporarily or permanently banned from 5G Awareness. In addition, your account may be deleted or edited by the forum staff at any time without prior notification for whatever reason.
Extra rules:
Admin and Moderators are working tirelessly behind the scenes to remove trolls, negativity and disinformation. We work voluntarily for up to 14 hours a day, we are not obliged to do anything and hold no responsibility whatsoever. If you suspect a Troll please send a message via PM to a moderator. We username of the suspected Troll.
Please Do not send messages to Admin unless it is important.
Anyone who insists RF Radiation or 5G is safe continuously without looking at the evidence in the files section will be assumed to be a troll and / or posts disinformation will be removed.
Please keep posts on topic and give clear descriptions. A long Video with no description will be refused. We do not have time to watch whole Videos to see if they are suitable.
Please join your Local 5G Group on this forum and also on Facebook. For Facebook there is a File of them in Files left of Page on Stop 5G Facebook group. We now have over 195 City Groups across UK and Ireland. This is a very important part the Campaign. We need to create Local Action, with Meetings, Demonstrations, Table Stands, to educate each other and challenge MPs and City Councils. .
If you have set up a City Group and would like us to advertise please ask a moderator to add your Group to the Forum.
If you would like a Stop 5G Event in your own City please contact John Kitson (this website's contact page), Mark Steele or Ian R Crane. Their websites are
Please do not post comments about smashing Mobile Towers or any other illegal activity. 
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