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05/11/2019 1:11 pm  

Hello everyone,

My name is Andrea and I am based in Alsager Cheshire. I started campaigning in July to stop the 5G roll out in Cheshire East and  contacted my local town and Borough Councillors. Apart from one town councillor, Jane Smith, they have not been at all supportive. Jane Smith asked a question at a full council meeting on my behalf and we have both been writing letters in the Congleton Chronicle. There is a presentation by John Kitson in Alsager on 28th November and I am hoping to start a local activists group so if any of you live near enough please come along to join us. 

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10/11/2019 1:34 pm  

Hallo, this is Martin from Prague, Czechia. I am a chairman of non-profit Life Resonance which main goal is to gather all the different groups and standalone activists fighting against current high EMF limits and rollout of 5G. There was first 5G test beginning of this year in Kolin (32 thousand inhabitants), next 5 cities will be "awarded" with yet another test by the end of this year and auction for the spectrum (3 current operators + 1-2 newcomers will bid) will happen in summer 2020. We are running www.emfsmog.cz website and social networks connected to it - Czech language only. I am also trying to get in touch with other activist groups in EU countries to share best practices - what works and what doesn't when communicating with local municipalities, government and regulators.  

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