Effects of 5G on skin, sweat glands and water molecules  


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06/11/2019 3:36 pm  

An extract from another Alliance For Natural Health article ' 5G A public Health tragedy in the making?' from 12/6/19

Our skin - an effective 5G conductor

Physicists in Israel have been carrying out research into the thermal effects of 5G on the skin for over 5 years. Our sweat ducts are responsible for regulating skin water and therefore sweating and temperature control. We are covered in sweat ducts and even on a cold day, will lose 15% of our moisture through them. Their cone-like structure makes them particularly vulnerable to being affected by 5G wave lengths.

We know the technology emerged out of military use - many useful technologies do. However, of note is that the US Military has a crowd dispersal ‘gun’ (Active Denial Systems) able to create a beam 2 m wide and 2 gWh in strength. When caught in the beam, people feel like they are on fire and hence run away. Once out of the beam, they feel normal again. According to physicist, Paul Ben-Ishai PhD, Department of Physics, Ariel, the beam is able to create a very high SAR (specific absorption rate – the measurement of radio frequency in the body) rating inside the sweat duct as compared to the surrounding tissue. Whilst it’s a different strength to 5G, it does demonstrate that a physical influence from 5G is possible, especially over time and with repeated exposure.

Dr Ben-Ishai went on to describe more of their research work where they’ve been able to see that our sweat ducts are like mini conductors, sending signals through the skin layers. They’ve ascertained that it’s the water in the skin that’s likely absorbing the information and transmitting it.

EZ water - 5G’s potential to disrupt our evolutionary energy mechanism

For those of you that know something about Prof Gerald Pollack’s work on ‘EZ’ Fourth Phase water, alarm bells might be ringing very loudly by now. Whilst at this time, there is no direct link between 5G and the function (or dysfunction) of EZ water in our bodies, it’s not a great leap to imagine that frequencies that disrupt water within our bodies, even close to the surface, will also in turn disrupt the exclusion zone of structured water in exposed or interconnected areas.

A quick summary for those who aren’t familiar with EZ water. Plants photosynthesise to soak up sunlight and create energy. But through Prof Pollack's group's work, we now know that we humans are somewhat solar powered too. As our bodies are mostly water, our cells and structures are of necessity hydrophilic or water loving. Pollack’s group has found that when water meets water-loving materials, it splits into positive and negative charges which then creates a negatively-charged matrix built from molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. This matrix is formed of many layers - maybe even millions of molecules deep - which forms a layer of structured water that Pollack has called an exclusion zone. Hence, EZ water.

This exclusion zone grows when exposed to light (sunlight being our evolutionary source) as it draws electromagnetic energy from the sun. That energy then powers our internal metabolism akin to ‘human photosynthesis’. It’s actually the only explanation we have for how red blood cells are pushed through the narrow, small, surface capillaries which would need our hearts to be pumping out 1000 x more pressure than it provides to do it.

Think about what might happen to our health if the 5G millimetre waves were able to disturb such an innate, evolutionary mechanism for life?

Our sweat ducts are filled with water which allows protons to jump between water molecules at similar frequencies to 5G. The physicists who have worked on these studies feel that we have the possibility of absorbing 5G wave lengths into our sweat ducts transforming them into millions of little antennas. If these wave lengths disturb our body’s water, they have the potential to disrupt the EZ water in our bodies too - on which we depend for healthy, resilient existence.

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