Glastonbury could be the only town in the UK to resist the installation of 5G, amid concerns it could negatively affect the health of residents.

The mobile communication technology is designed to offer mobile phone users much faster download and upload speeds. Mobile provider, O2 is preparing to roll it out in four major cities this year, and from there it could be extended across the UK.

But Glastonbury residents have hit back at the idea of introducing it in their town, claiming those with electrosensitivity could suffer debilitating symptoms.

Christopher Baker, an electromagnetic field consultant, spoke publicly at a recent town council meeting to raise his concerns.

He said: “We are all affected by external electrical fields, beyond any doubt.

“For some its challenging, for others its quite debilitating. Classic symptoms include nausea, headaches, fatigue, disorientation. The list goes on.

“I care about the Glastonbury community, especially the young generation who are at a greater risk.

“It would be great if Glastonbury took the lead by not installing 5G, so that others may follow. The ultimate plan is to let the community decide.”

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