A FORMER Glasgow drug kingpin has offered £1,000 to anyone who sets fire to 5G masts.

Ex-cocaine baron Stephen Jamieson spread the coronavirus conspiracy theory on social media as he offered the four-figure sum to anyone who sets the towers alight.

Jamieson, 36, who now lives in Dubai, has claimed the transmitters are linked to the spread of Covid-19, the Daily Record reported.

Days ago he posted the offer on his Instagram account.

He wrote: “I’ll pay 1k reward for any1 that smokes a 5G mast in Glesga.”

And in another post he said: “1k lads for the first 5G mast smoked in Scotland.”

Earlier this month we told how people were reportedly setting the phone masts alight and targeting engineers.

It came after the claims emerged that 5G “radiation” caused coronavirus.

The theory originated last month after a video filmed at a US health conference claimed Africa was not as affected by the disease because it is “not a 5G region”.

Celebs have been slammed for sharing the conspiracy theory, including Jason Gardiner and Callum Best, who posted similar claims that 5G can impact the immune system.

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